Remembering the Olden Days

So continuing with the 30 Day Blog Challenge:

Day 2- Meaning Behind Your Blog Name
When I first started to be involved in online communities, I was going by the name Ecoglowyogini.  This being a three word combo meaning environmentally friendly, raving, yogi.  I used this name on a lot of things, including my buyers etsy account.  Once I really started to get into hooping, I thought of nothing else.  Things, ideas, started to come to me about different things in my life; revelations if you will.  One was even my hooping name:  Spin Gypsy.  I don't know where exactly it came from, it just popped right into my head one day.  I liked the sound of it and thought it would be perfect.  I have some gypsy in my soul.  A few years ago, a lady told me that I was a gypsy fortune teller and possibly even Egyptian royalty in past lives.  So, maybe it's in my karma or recollection of past lives that I feel this inner connection to the gypsy, nomadic lifestyle.  I wish I could do a lot more travelling.  It's hard to travel everywhere when you don't have the money to.  Ah, things will come around soon enough;  I can feel it!!  So the blog name, Gypsy Apologue, is a sort of online journal of this travelling, hooping gypsy and all my interesting, or not so interesting, accounts. 

Day 3-  Your First Love
It is funny to reminisce about the times of this occasion.  Elementary school; Cornerstone Christian;  some of the best childhood years of my life.  You see, this was a very small school.  I had no more than 10 people in my class from kindergarten to the sixth grade.  The five or six of us that had been together through this elementary school process were very close.  In first grade, I had the biggest crush on this boy in my class:  Ritchie Mangus;  funny last name, cute boy.  We had a lot of things in common; we both liked rock music, wore Jncos, went to hockey games, and listened to Chumbawamba.  When you're in elementary school, you don't really "date" so to speak.  It's more like you hang out with the person more than other people and you call yourself "boyfriend and girlfriend."

Funny story looking back, there was another cute boy in our class.  His name was Michael Maloney.  (I know, what's up with these names haha?)  He was a little more shy, but cute as can be.  I remember in the third grade we had a new girl come into our grade.  Hmm... can remember her name;  I want to say her last name was Reardon or something.  Anyways... she liked Michael.  Well, we had been friends for four years and I didn't really like her.  So throughout the third grade, her and I fought over Michael and the poor boys were caught in the middle of this grade school girl fight.  I can picture us in the playground bickering back and forth.  Ha!!  What great memories!!  Eventually she left after, I think, that year of third grade.  Oh.. oh... Ashley Reardon;  that was her name!!  Wow, can't believe I remembered that.  So this epic struggle betwixt my love for my fellow male class mates was ongoing up until graduation from the sixth grade.  Ritchie and I were pretty much "going out" the whole time, but I always really liked Michael.

After we had all graduated from Cornerstone, we split up, all mostly going to separate schools.  Once in high school, I missed my classmates and tried to contact a few of them.  The first, was of course, Ritchie.  I actually had a working number and talked to him on the phone.  It made me a little upset because he acted like he wasn't really that excited about hearing from me after a few years and, worse yet, didn't sound the least bit interested in getting together.  So much for that.

Fast forward seven years since Cornerstone.  All of us that had been to school for seven years together had graduated from different schools.  I started going to a larger college near where I lived and began to look up some old school mates to see where they were going to college.  Yet again, Ritchie would be the first.  That was way back when I actually had a Facebook, when you HAD to be a college student to even have an account.  I found him and believe it or not, he was going to ODU, too.  As a matter of fact, a few days later I saw him in the food court and went up to him.  Not a good choice;  he completely ignored me and acted as if he didn't even know me.  It really, really hurt my feelings.  I had done nothing but be nice to him.  Shortly after that, his mom happened to come into the restaurant where I worked and we chatted for quite some time.  I didn't have the heart to tell her what had happened between Ritchie and I when she said, oh Ritchie goes to ODU, too.  Yeah, know that.

I actually ended up catching up with Michael, who also happened to be going to ODU.  We was way nice and seemed like he enjoyed catching up with me after all those years.  And must I add, TOTAL cutie!!  Hot, blonde, surfer type.  We never had any connection going on, so it didn't go any further than just talking and eating lunch together once in a while.  He did, however, make me feel a whole lot better by informing me of how much of an ass Ritchie had become to everyone that we went to school with.  Supposedly, quite a few of them had graduated from the same Christian school and he acted like a total snob to all of them.  Well, at least it wasn't just to me!!

So, even though he may seem like a total waste of space and breath, he was my first boyfriend and love.  I, to this day, have a picture of us together.  I can't remember where we were; a field trip, I do know that.

We couldn't be older than fourth grade, maybe (**edit note:  I just noticed the "'97" on the liscense plate, which I assumed would mean this was in 97 so I was in the fourth grade.).  Looking at this picture reminds me of all the great times we had together:  Ritchie having the hiccups on a field trip and the tour guide scaring the crap out of him; Gabriel and Ritchie racing to see who was faster; me squirting ketchup on the back of some lady with a white shirt on at a hockey game we were at together; our sixth grade big trip to Washington DC where we spent the weekend and we all were at the age where we thought about sneaking into each other's rooms (which of course was not even possible due to all the adult/parent chaperons).  Good times.

So here's to a little reminiscing, of the good, of the bad.  The past is what makes us who were are.  And even though he ended up being such a drag, I still thank him for all the great times and memories he made with me.

Today is a beautiful day, but too cold for hooping (-5!!).  I am going to go do some yoga instead.  Look tomorrow for my post about the most awesome museum we went to over the weekend!!  After that, the continuation of the thirty day blog challenge.  Peace.

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  1. I am loving these posts :) They are very introspective.