My Newest Obsession

So for the past few months I've been really trying to change some things in my diet that I could find some healthier alternatives for.  As an example, I've been experimenting with different kinds of dairy-free milks.  Soy milk has been a staple for me in my coffee for a few years now, but recently new "milks" have been hitting the shelves.  First, I had tried hemp milk.  It wasn't bad, but it didn't have that creaminess about it.  A lady at my work was going to a holistic doctor down in Anchorage and he was weaning her off dairy.  She, like most Alaskans, drinks lots of coffee.  She told me she had been using vanilla almond milk as a replacement for creamer and that I should try it because it was really good; so I did.  It was good!!  Then, I saw an ad in my yoga magazine for a new line of coconut milk products.  I found them in my grocery and had to try- I LOVE coconut!!  Let me tell you, Mmmmm.  It  is totally delicious- no wonder the line is called So Delicious.  The main reason why I like coconut milk is because I can actually drink it straight, like with some cookies, and even in my cereal.  I, of course, like the vanilla for my coffee.  It definitely has that creamy flavor and it's not such a harsh, nutty flavor like most of the other milks I had tried, which mostly prevented me from ever drinking it straight.  I know that the store has the So Delicious ice cream- and I sooo want to try it.  Too bad the yogurt hasn't come in yet.  Hopefully they will get that, too, so that I can try some coconut yogurt- yummm...

On another note, my totally awesome hunny bought me a new sewing machine so that I can finish all my projects for my store.  I was totally behind on the original date I wanted to post my new merchandise, but it's
all good.  I have the next few weeks to post a few things before the holidays sneak up on everyone.  I have two weeks off of work around Christmas, so when I get back from my few days in Virginia, I will have a while to relax and catch up on some much needed "me" time- which will include more, new projects!!  I'm really excited because it came with a guide that actually matched the model of the machine (the other sewing machine I was using had a different model in the guide which meant NOTHING matched) and even a DVD explaining everything on how to use all the features (self-threading needle and button sewer anyone?).  I said I had wanted one for Christmas and he so lovingly got it for me early.  Now I don't have to hand sew everything... yay!!  I just have sooo many ideas for upcoming products that it was somewhat depressing knowing that I would have to take extra time by attempting to hand sew everything.  Now I don't :).

Tomorrow, as long as it's not a blizzard out, I'm hoping to get out a to a photo shoot for my old and new items for the shoppe.  I have some really neat ideas of where to take them and what to wear to showcase the products better.  And plus, have fun while doing so.  I have been going through a spell of not being able to sleep this week, so I've been laying in bed at night daydreaming of all this luscious stuff for my store.  Ah... so many ideas and so little time to do them.  Can't wait for my two week holiday break.  To top off that two weeks of no work, my 24th (?!?!) birthday is wrapping up the end of it.  I can't believe I will almost be a quarter century old... haha.

I thought I would leave you with the cutest picture ever today;  a pic I took when I was back in Virginia visiting family.  This is Chi chi and Bubbles, the hooping Poms.  Peace out, lovelies.

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