A Day of Thanks

I am in the middle of cooking a delicious, healthy Thanksgiving meal, but I wanted to make a quick post since I hadn't made one in a while.  Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, whether you're eating turkey, or spending some quiet time alone to reflect, today is the day to be thankful for all you have.  I thought it would be nice to make a little list of ten things I'm thankful for:

1) Living in a beautiful, natured filled place like Alaska.
2) Having the opportunity to enjoy great food.
3) Spending time with my boyfriend.
4) No more freezing rain!  It's pretty difficult to do ANYTHING when there is a thick layer of ice everywhere.
5) A chance to spend some time in the hoop the next few days with a four day weekend.
6) Fun-filled day with good food and a bonfire with friends on Saturday.
7) My family is well and everyone gets to enjoy their Thanksgiving.
8) Bill's stepfather is doing ok with his cancer.  We found out that the combo of radiation and chemo has shrunk some of the tumors in his lungs.
9) With the above, I am lucky to be in good health myself, having the knowledge and action of trying to take care of myself to be healthy.
10) All of the wonderful, positive energy from out there in the hoop community.  My hoop journey has been fascinating in these quick passing nine months.  I cannot wait to continue and hopefully help make a difference through the hoop.

You can take this time today to reflect not only on what you are thankful for, but also for all that you have in abundance.  The cornucopia is a familiar symbol around the time of fall and harvest season.  It represents the abundance in harvest, but also symbolizes what we have in abundance within our lives.  No matter what we want, the universe and the Divine always provide us with what we need.  THAT is something that we all can be appreciative of.

So, may you share with yourself or your family what you are grateful for.   Have a blessed Thanksgiving.  Peace.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed your meal :D