Beginning of Time- Science and Religion

I've been super busy these past few days; new house shopping, my boyfriend was sick, and working a lot.  Therefore, I have been slacking on posts and on the 30 Day Challenge.  But, I wanted to post the pictures that I took at the Origins Museum that my boyfriend and I went to last weekend.  It was a very interesting exhibit, especially being that it came to Wasilla.  Supposedly, the guy who owns all of the materials actually is a proctologist in Wasilla, but the exhibit travels around the world. 


One of the very first Torahs


Leather Bounded English Bible

Illustrated English Bible

Full King James Version

Colored and Foiled Bible


Early Map of North and South America (No Alaska!!)

Map of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia/New Zealand

For my friend Bhakti- Early Map of Finland!!

Zodiac Map of World

Zodiac Map

Capricorn on  the Zodiac Map

This is a super early map of the area in Virginia I grew up in (around Jamestown and Williamsburg)

Map of Virginia

Illustrated Ptolemaic Map of World

Map of Virginia (and East Coast)


Bird Illustartion in an early book of Species

Tomorrow I hope to get back to the 30 Day Challenge and I will also post the recipe of the week.  Have a great Saturday.  Peace.


  1. Interesting! Awww you took a pic of early "Finlandia" for me - how sweet! They did a pretty good job with the maps considering the technology or lack thereof. Maybe they had more brains those days.

  2. That would have been a fascinating exhibit! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Beautiful!