MIA & Honored Experience

I haven't been posting much lately.  This time of year is always kind of hectic for me.  The whole shenanigans of the holiday season is hard for me, due to the fact of my moving towards a less hectic, noncomsumerist life.  My beliefs usually do not coincide with what a lot of others believe, so I spend most of this season trying to be tolerant of everything that is going on.  I try to do a lot of yoga, journalling, and meditation, though, this year I have done a lot less.  I have really felt the urge to be somewhat removed and internalized this year.  I guess it may have been from having a lot on my mind and just really trying to find a connection of myself to the natural world. 

I went to see my family in Virginia the past week and spend some time with them.  I have to say I am awfully proud of them for not going overboard with the gift giving this year.  I have been trying to get them to adhere to my suggestion of keeping my gifts at a minimum for the past few years and it seemed to have finally worked.  I did get a few things I needed for our new place (which hasn't been mentioned yet- more on that in the coming days) and a few things on Etsy that I wanted.  I also received the funds to buy my LED hoop from Cosmic Hooper I have been eyeing:  Yay!!  I am ordering it within a few days.  Would LOVE to have it by my bday which may not happen. 

I love this pic!! From the Washington Post

The most unfortunate thing about when I went back to VA was that I travelled all day yesterday on the Solstice instead of having the time to experience and meditate on what this time of year means for me.  I did, however, get the utmost honor to be witness to the full lunar eclipse on the Solstice.  I have always been interested in astrology and the heavenly bodies, so having this chance to experience something that people haven't experience in almost 400 years was just so amazing to me.  I truly felt not only honored, but blessed.  I thanked the Divine for that chance a multitude of times while sitting there, watching this natural occurance happen before my eyes.  It was quite a beautifull thing.

I may not post very much again in the next few weeks; we are going on a little personal vacation and also will be moving into our new house the beginning of the year.  I am going to pick back up on the 30 Day Challenge after the new year and will also be posting more about hooping and spirituality.  I have quite a few exciting things to share in the coming weeks.

May you all have a blessed holiday season and safe travels to those who are in route.  Until next time, peace.

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