New year, new beginnings

New Year's Eve bonfire

This blog has been pretty dormant the last few weeks.  There has been a ton of stuff going on in KellyLand.  We have been moving into a new place for the last week.  It is only a few blocks from where we were at originally so it wasn't a tough move, just time consuming.  I won't behaving internet hook-up until January 14th, so I won't be blogging much until then.  One of my intentions for 2011 is to get off my ass and do more fun stuff, so I hope to bring you lots of interesting things to read in the coming months.

Other new years intentions:
-do more crafting
-up the intensity and frequency of my yoga and hoop practices
-build up Centric Hoops
-delve into my spirituality practices
-go on vacation somewhere other than Virginia
-hit up all the great Bluegrass festies this summer

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a wonderfully relaxing day after a week of moving and cleaning.  My boyfriend fixed me french toast for breakfast, I took a nap (really!!), hooped for a while, and had some absolutely delish corn fritters.  It was a good day.

Today is back on with the daily bump and grind, attending work at a bright and early 6 am.  I have to start looking for another job this weekend to help make up the difference of the new rent.

I also did a few takes for a new hoop video yesterday on my birthday that will include a doubles sample.  I have been working on doubles lately and wanted to add a few clips in my new video.  So look for that within the next few days.  Anyways, more from me later;  have to actually do some work now :).

Oh, and for all of you western Europe, eastern Asia people, tomorrow there will be a solar eclipse!!  Check it out if you're in the viewing area.

Birthday Sunrise


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a great one :)

    Haha, I can't get over that guy in the short sleeves in your bonfire picture. You're in ALASKA, in the middle of WINTER. Too funny.

  2. Happy Birthday Kelly! Belated as it is! We worked on our van-home for the past two weeks in the depths of snowy North Carolina without any internet, like you, and just emerged to the rest of the world today. I had like 300 emails etc.etc. I SAW YOUR EMAIL too thank you so much, sweet to hear from you. Will get back to you in a few days here :)

    Yep so we have a raised roof in the van now and I'm actually able to stand up in my house. For the first time in three years. Yay! Philip is still too tall but man, the roof makes a difference, we feel like we're spoiled and drowned in some sort of outrageous spacious luxury :P

    Many blessings to your new home and thank you for the yarn!!! It's really pretty -- I haven't decided yet how to use it, will let you know what comes out of it! ;)