Three-Legged Mule Makes My Day

The boys (mine and a visiting friend) went up north to work for the week, so an impromptu hoop sesh was brewing after they left.  This evening I was feeling a little frisky, probably from all the lazying that made up most of the morning, so I decided to go all Alaskan gypsy on  ya.  Video quality is not good because it was recorded off my phone.  But, I had fun just twirling and acting crazy and it made me smile, so maybe it will for you, too. 

More vids to come soon.  Haven't been dedicating as much time as I would like because things have been crazy, but I am itching to dance everyday so hopefully it will stop being ridiculous outside and decide on what kind of weather we are going to have- haha.

Anyways, off to go veg out and watch the first season of Medium.  I am starting my mourning process of the ending of the finale season by going back and watching all seven seasons.  I didn't have cable and never got the channel that it was on, but I did watch the final show that was played Friday night online.  (**side note**- I have major mixed feelings on the final episode and am still trying to mentally process it all.  I don't have the time to really go into that.  THAT in itself may be a post of it's own...)  Man, TV is already pretty much reality shows, gore, and sex; might as well cancel the shows that don't have that the "good stuff"....


  1. "Alaskan gypsy" :) I like it! Fun song, too. I hadn't heard it before.

  2. Love the outfit! You were doing some interesting stuff there in this video, I couldn't properly see everything oh man I wish we could hoop together. Yesterday I was hooping in this warehouse and had my music and speakers and hoop and everything was good but I just felt so blaahhh...boring to hoop alone... can't wait til summer and all the festies and no matter what I'm going to go stalk any and all hoopers I see and gosh darn hoop with other hoopers like I'm supposed to. Oh I need to read your Psychedelia post again and be all calmed down by it :)

  3. I feel you, Bhakti. I almost constantly yearn for partnership in hooping. I am about to start doing a monthly jam and possibly even some classes in hopes of forming a hoop community here. It is sometimes depressing to have to experience something so awesome by yourself!!

    Yes, the video quality turned out super bad. I am hoping to get some more videos out soon. I am about to do a collaboration of the videos I have for my hoopiversary video (almost one year!! whoop whoop). I can't believe how far my journey has come in such a short amount of time.

    I LOVE this song by Three-legged Mule. I hooped to them live at a bluegrass festie last summer and I hope to take a road trip down to Homer this summer and see them live again. There are some outstanding musicians up here in AK.

    I might do another video to this song, because it is a totally awesome song and the video deserves much better quality.