Living Psychedelically

Some of you may be questioning my judgement on writing a post titled as such, but I would like to change the negative association that the word psychedelic has tagged along side of it.  I am practicing living in an almost constant state of psychedelia or "mind expansion" as I will also refer to it as.  Ever since I have been enhancing my life with the wonderful arts of yoga, meditation, and hoopdance, I have ultimately expanded my senses, or sensory enlightenment, if you will.  These three major parts of my life have loving guided me to change the way I perceive the beautiful world around me. 

Tree fractals from WebEcoist.  Check out the article of nature's fractals
 I began early on in my yoga practice to just "see" things differently.  When I look up in the sky, I don't just see clouds, I feel them, I get lost in them (which is one reason why I cannot sky gaze while driving).  I notice their colors, their texture;  to me they are like little nature souls dancing lazily through the atmosophere. 

Over the Hay Flats 2011

Now, this is just some random example, but I try to view every passing moment (in which I am aware- which unfortunately is unrealistic to take place in every moment) with the utmost sensory perception.  I recognize certain events or actions as a gracious gift from the Divine or the cosmos and take that moment to just relish in the beauty that is life.  I feel special, even honored to have experienced whatever it may be.

Gaia by Alex Grey

You see, this is a wonderful way of living.  Not only does it help you not to take things for granted, it pushes you to be present and to be thankful for all that you have, no matter how big or how small.  You begin to feel a constant divine presence wherever you go; like everything is given only and directly to you.  The tiniest little thing like a rain shower that spreads irridescent little globes across your windshield or the dry snow that leaves perfectly formed miniature snow flakes on your jacket;  these things would normally just be brushed off, but why would you brush them off?  They have been given to you.  Everything has a reason and a purpose.  Why not take in with the amusement of perhaps that perfect snowflake was made exactly for you; a divine gift, so to speak.  A way to feel the ultimate connect with you and your universe.

Books of Books by Vladimir Kush

We are constantly using terms like "man, that was trippy" or "wow, that outfit is intense" or "dude, you just tripped me out with that," when we are referring to these experiences as being enhanced, distorted, or euphoric.  These can all be misunderstandedly taken as a connection to drugs, but that is really NOT the reference.  Yes, people experience a lot of things during or after having done drugs, specifically hallucinogens, but that is not what living psychedelically has to do with at all, as you may very well understand.


So my challenge to you is to try to be more sensorially aware in your life.  Begin to notice things; start with the minute, most irrelevent things or situations in your life and see if you can actually sense them.  What I mean by this is actually try to perceive things, not only with your eyes, but with your mind.  Really see things and associate things with your soul.

Departure of the Winged Ship by Vladimir Kush

I love that a definition of psychedelic is "soul manifesting," because, well, living life in awareness is allowing your soul to manifest through experiences.  The next time that you hear someone refer to something as being "trippy" or "psychedelic" ask yourself this question:  is this a moment in mine or this person's life that is allowing me to truly let my soul manifest?

Time is never of the essence.  The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

Think about that.  Remember that true psychedelia has nothing to do with drugs.  You and you alone have the power and opportunity to grace your life with psychedelic experiences.  I think our souls may be trying to tell us something...

But, what do you see?  Swans Reflecting Elephants by Salvador Dali

And speaking of psychedelics, check out this post of a truly psychedelic breakfast.  Stephanie, who is one of the contributors to the site, was awesome enough to mention my shoppe in one of her posts.  So go on over to Grains of Earth and check them out. 

May you be inspired by all things in your life to live not only fully but soul-fully. <3


  1. Mmm.. this is a beautiful post :)

  2. Beautiful thoughts, beautifully written.. thank you for the expansion! <3

  3. Thank you. Joining the Psychedelic Hoopers group on HC made me want to write this due to the fact that Amara had some problems with people having many drug references. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share my views on the subject.