Three Signs Spring is Here to Alaska

1.  More planes are flying around.  A lot of people own small planes here.  Mostly because some places you can only get to by boat or plane, and also because it is easy to travel when you have a plane!!  I guess there is a lot more land here, too and people have places to build hangars and such. 

2.  Hearing your first goose.  Seagulls have been out over top of the house, squawking like seagulls do.  There are some birds that stick around during the winter, but not many.  We set out a bird feeder and some chickadees decided to show up.

3.  You swat your first mosquito.  And these suckers are huge.  Amen for homemade repellent and candles!!


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  1. Ooo you should share your repellent recipe! I bought a deet free one made from lemongrass near the end of last summer and never had the chance to use it yet. I'm hoping it works. A homemade one would be nice though!