Morning Slokas to Assist in My Anti-Morningness

I am sorry- I do not know the origin of this picture and therefore cannot give credit to the artist

I am NOT a morning person, let me tell you.  For years my morning consisted of getting up just in time to barely get ready and make it to where I was headed.  Part of this is due to the fact insomnia runs in the family.  I had it really bad when I was in elementary and middle school.  It got better when I found a miracle herb the summer before I started high school.  However, my need to extend sleep hours and wake-up times after 12pm, prevailed. 

Then, I met my boyfriend.  In short, him being the manly, macho construction worker that he is, his wake-up times consisted of pre-dawn in order to get to the job site by daylight.  At first it wasn't that big of a deal, but eventually it got old sitting up by myself, wasting brain cells on late-night, non-cable tv at three in the morning.  So, I started to train my brain and my body to go to sleep earlier.  This entailed pretty much waking up ridiculously early whether I went to bed at 10 or 2, ultimately leading me to be extremely tired for the first few weeks.  My body, being the lesser of the two evils, gave into the struggle and talked my head into just going to sleep at a decent time.

Enter, yoga.  Yes, my life enhancing, life saving companion.  I was doing 1 1/2 hours of yoga three times a week for college and boy, could I tell a difference in my sleep patterns.  My mind actually quieted down when I went to bed instead of racing in a million different directions.  I have still had my ups and downs with insomnia, but with the combo of herb and yoga, most nights are full of deep sleep. (*Which, as a side note, I never really realized how even though I have suffered with insomnia and lack of sleep all my life, I have experienced dreaming deeper than most people who get regular sleep.*) 

But, after all that, my mind still prefers to be a non-morning person.  It literally takes me an hour to fully wake up and be functional.  And I MUST have my coffee.  And my blanket.  I just cannot adjust to the coldness and unsnuggly atmosphere of non-bed.  I need my blanket.  Plus, the fact that my boyfriend got me this crazy awesome blanket for Christmas, I now live in that thing.  So, I fell through a rabbit hole that eventually led me to The Goddess Guidebook's Morning Ritual e-book.  Somehow I always stumble upon things that lead me to other things, that then lead me to things I need in my life.  Some of these rituals inspired me to create my own morning rituals.

Hence, (finally, ha!) the relation of this jabber to the blog post.  I have been trying to incorporate more chanting into, not only my yoga practice, but my life.  At one time I came across a poem that I enjoyed and finally found it again.  It is a part of the Prata Smarana Sloka:

Samudravasane Devi Parvatastanamandale,
Vishhnupatni Namastubhyam Paadasparsham Kshamasva Me
Translation:  Oh Mother Earth, who has ocean as her clothing, mountains as her breats, and forests as her body, please forgive me as I touch my feet upon you.

Most of the translations I found are very loose, but I liked this one.  Here is a link to the pronunciation.  This part of the chant starts around 1:52 and lasts about 30 seconds.  This was one of the only audios of this chant that I could find.

I have also found myself taking my time in waking up, feeling my different body parts and taking a few deep breaths before I rise out of bed.  I have also been going out on my back deck and taking in the morning while Pup does her AM business.  I feel more in tune with the day and the energies it presents when I do this versus dragging my feet to my coffee pot and focusing on getting my dose of everyday caffeine. 

So, what is your morning ritual?


  1. I am awful with mornings, and it's because I can't succeed at having a successful night time routine to get me in bed earlier. Like right now! 1 in the morning, husband sleeping beside me, and I'm rolling over grabbing my laptop to come online because I "can't sleep". I have never been able to settle in a routine, mostly the last few years have been working odd hours, night shifts, mornings, days, no rhyme or reason, and it was killing me. Now I'm working a solid 9-5, and I can't set myself straight.

    My morning consists of sleeping way later than I should, jumping in the shower, getting ready, and running out the door with an apple to eat in my truck on the way to work. Hair usually still wet or pulled in a bun because I don't have time to scrunch it and blow dry. And then I feel miserable and tired all day. I would love to eat my apple while curled up in a blanket on the couch reading scriptures, and even time to make some toast and a morning smoothie instead of having one with supper. At least I have a goal though, hehe, that's more than I had a couple months ago. I just need to keep trying until it sticks and becomes habit.

  2. PS, I like that painting. An old roommate of mine once tried to replicate it on the back of our front door, for what reason, I dunno, but it was pretty :)

  3. About your blanket, "I live in that thing", LOL!! HAHAHAHA!

    Normally I get up at 4AM, sometimes with no problem, sometimes a bit less gracefully with my hubby pulling me out of the bed by my legs. I shower, sit in front of my clothes and figure out what to wear that day. This may take longer than I wish it did. It's not always so simple. It has to fit my mood that day :D

    I do my hair, wake up my Deities (there are two slokas I chant for that) whom I put to sleep every night when I go to bed, around 8:30PM. I chant Hare Krishna for 2 hours, then cook breakfast/lunch. Oh and I put a tilaka, a clay marking, on my forehead every morning. But usually just with water, it's just what's practical. It's the Vishnu marking, two vertical lines and a "Tulasi leaf"on the nose.

    I used to chant this sloka in the mornings but had forgotten it, thanks for inspiring me to find it again:

    pratah prabodhito visno hrsikesena yat tvaya
    yad yat karayasisana tat karomi tavajnaya

    "O Vishnu, O Ishana, O Hrishikesha, You have awakened me, and now I am ready to do whatever You wish today."
    (from Vishnu-dharmottara)

    Also that sloka you quote is so beautiful. Looking for this mantra I put her, I came across a pretty accurate translation of yours:

    "O Mother Earth, I offer my humble obeisances unto you, who are the wife of Lord Vishnu and the residence of the oceans, and who are decorated with mountains. Please forgive me for stepping upon you."

    So beautiful :)