THE Coolest Stuffed Animals

OK, so I LOVE stuffed animals.  I used to collect them when I was a kid- I always chose the screwed up ones, thinking no one else would buy them and they would never have a home.  For some reason, these furry little fluff-filled animals continue to pull on my heart strings.  Maybe it is the associations I have with them and my childhood, or maybe I am just weak for cute furry things.  I don't know.  But, I still keep three stuffed animals on my bed to this day (would be more, but boyfriend draws the line currently at three).  There had been no time for me to go through my suggested stores on Etsy lately, and as I was doing so yesterday, I found the coolest shop EVER.

Welcome to Tangle Wood Thicket:

Dragon Pups

Baby Goblin



Dragon- My Favorite!!  <3 Him


Goblin- This one reminds me of My Little Ponies for some reason.

Winged Lion

I posted all of the pictures larger so that you can see the exquisite detail that these creations entail.  Under her descriptions, she says that all of her wool is dyed with koolaid or acid dyes.  She needle felts these outrageous little creatures at her home in Canada.  Check out her store.  It is amazing.  I would love to have one of these guys to royally take up my bed.  How awesome would it be to wake up with a little dragon pup peering out at you from behind your pillow.  Also note, that these are beautiful pieces of art and are intended for adults or mature children.  That means no giving them to your slobbery toddler or stuffing them as the last-thing-on- top into your carry-on for a snuggly companion (as my poor rabbit has been so many times).  **cheese**

Doesn't this post just make you all smiley and giggly?  How could you not have a fabulous day after eyeing one of these ridiculously rad creatures?

(All photos and postings were taken with acknowledgement and permission from the artist- Thank you, Kasey.)


  1. :O !!!!

    Those are so beautiful! What fun little creations!

  2. I love that fourth little neon dragon burst of cutecrazyness aahh so cool. If I had a house I would so decorate the whole place with these creatures everywhere. Hanging from ceiling and sitting on shelves and such. Oh yes. And a bunch of other things. But these definitely :D :D Love them!!!

  3. Thank You so much for the awesome blog post! I am so thrilled you like my creatures~!!!! Made my month!

  4. My name is Beverly Chartrand and I have been trying to get the dragon for my grandaughter can you please let me know how I can get one my email is jarchar@tampabay.rr.com and my phone number is 863-318-9429