Full Day All on My Terms

Yep, that's right; I had the day totally off (usually I work one job or the other) and boyfriend isn't here, so I had the *WHOLE* day completely to myself.  And, well, the pup, too.
It all started wonderfully with a slight sleeping in, but waking early enough to have a cup of coffee ready to listen to today's Inspired Living Secrets lecture by Laura Hollick.  I love her.  She has this aura and vibe about her that just blows my mind; a total inspiration.  I really like the series so far, even if I can't afford any of the $100 special offers, even though they are 75-90% off.  The free stuff is where it is at, I tell you.

Wish in the Wind- Laura Hollick
I spent the rest of the morning enjoying blowing my time on Facebook (or Crackbook as a friend properly called it).  I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon purely to have a way to promote Centric Hoops and my Etsy Shoppe.  But, it is pretty interesting watching all these little buttons light up when other are wasting their valuable lives on Facebook, too.  Hey, at least I am not FBin' it at work...

Then, after some pigging out on green smoothies and trail mix, I finally had the time to do some yoga: YAY!!  It was an amazing sequence on YogaGlo that featured Chandra Namaskara (aka Moon Salutations) complimenting yesterday's Full Moon.  Which, BTW, was also a Lunar Eclipse if you happened to live on the other side of the planet.

Even though the day started off cloudy and a bit rainy, it quickly turned around and ended up being quite the lovely day.  I spent the afternoon lounging on the back deck with the pup and making some hoops.  I only had enough tubing to make three, so a few orders will have to wait (sorry).  Tuesday when I found out I am going to teach some drop-in classes at this bellydancing studio here in Wasilla, the girl also told me that I could sell hoops on consignment.  That is where two of the three hoops I made are going and the third to a lovely lady going to Hawaii in a month.  She gets the collapsible *smile*.

The day wasn't complete without cooking the best damn lentil burger I have ever had and vegging out while watching Spice World.  Ha... gotta love Netflix.  And yes, the Spice Girls were an old guilty pleasure and I love the movie, what can I say.

Now I am going to end the night with the tried and true ritual of watching a few hours of Medium before bed since boyfriend's gone (he hates the show for some reason).  I should have a bunch of pics up after this weekend.  We are heading out to Chickaloon for a Solstice party.  I am so excited, I am going to fire hoop for the first time.  And what better time to do my virgin burn than Solstice weekend.  It is like honoring the Sun and the ending of the light half of the year while finally getting my burn on!!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I like the dog's hat

  2. Thank you, Anonymous!! It is a felt hat my friend Alex made. I don't know who you are, but if you want one, he is selling them!! Peace.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one who still loves Spice World. That scene with the bus jumping the bridge gets me every. single. time. <3

  4. Guess what chicas. I saw the Spice Girls live. LIVE. In Helsinki, 1998. All five of them. Yeah. You may now worship my toes and compete for my blessings. I had a Spice Girls karaoke CD. "Candle light and somethingsomething forever, lala laa"