Life Irony + Cool Bing Art

 It's funny when life plays tricks on you.  You know; when things happen (or don't happen!!) that are just plain wrong and you can't help yourself but literally laugh at life?  Sometimes it is not that big of a deal, sometimes it is.  I, personally, think that laughing at the worst times in life just helps me stay sane.  But, like recently, I have forgot to laugh and just let life get the best of me; stress, sleeplessness, lots of thinking....

Today, a pretty funny thing almost happened to me.  One of those things that it was like "well, that's what I get for having this really great situation happen..."  Almost a "rain on my parade" kind of thing.   But, luckily I just literally sat in my car and laughed at the irony.  It seems a lot of times in my life when things get really good, something messes it up.  What I realized, however, was what can you really do?  You can't change certain things, certain people, certain energies, but instead you can give that energy a 180 and just take a different outlook. 

What I have learned in yoga, reading spiritually based books, and just doing a lot of self-study is that I can literally make or break a situation with what I make out of it.  The more I associate with a problem, the more negativity I feed into it, making it worse than it is.  But, today I saw it change before my eyes.  Something that, when it came about, really freaked me out and sort of pissed me off, I brushed off and thought about the good side.  And, what happened?  It all worked out... That's right.  There really was no problem.  Ah... and the sound of relief.

With so much going on, sometimes we forget to just separate ourselves from a situation and look at the big picture.  We focus on the small little bits and pieces that just make up a small portion of what it all is about.  I mean really about.  It's not about a light getting broken on a car, breaking up with your boyfriend, having skin problems, losing something in the mail; none of that is truly important.  It's about who you are, what you are doing, and, ultimately, where you are heading.  Those minor details are just a part of the ride; details that entertain us along the way, kind of like those license plate games you played as a kid:  sometimes you get them, sometimes you don't.

Today I decided, that I am going to appreciate those minor bumps and bruises sprinkled in with the deliciousness of life.  It seems right that I start writing in my journal again five things I appreciate everyday.  You can never be too busy to appreciate and see things, especially those that are so often taken advantage of or over looked.

I am *sooooooooo* stoked about tomorrow night.  I have my outfit finished and practiced in it some today with my LED.  I refashioned a skirt and long sleeve t-shirt and I took a before picture so that I could post it with the after picture.  I am pretty happy with it.  Good especially considering I wasn't exactly sure how it was going to turn out, going into with out really any idea of what I wanted.  I just kept thinking "tribal rave faerie" and it seems to have come out like that.  My friend also put some awesome feather extensions in my hair on Tuesday.  She gave me one with UV pink feathers, black iridescent feathers, and blacklight white sparkly strands and another with just the black feathers.  It's pretty awesome.

 I also got off work early today (yeah!!) and so I came home, sat on my back porch, and painted a painting I have been contemplating on doing for a while.  At one point, I was watching the videos on Laura Hollick's site Soul Art Studio, and stopped at video 3 until I did my project.  So, finally, I took the time and messed around with it.  It came out great considering it had been a while since I have painted.  It is not quite done yet, but when it is, I will post it and give a little background information.  I recommend if you haven't been to Laura's site, that you do!!  She is an amazing, inspirational lady. 

On another note of art, the amazing pictures on this post are paintings from Franz Ackerman, an extremely talented German artist.  His fabulous trippy subway was featured on the homepage of Bing today.  I love Bing.  The fact that everyday they show you something super awesome, is just freaking cool.  Check out more of his stuff here.

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