Happiness, Mystical Creatures, and Cake

So, the next time I am depressed, I am going to make this Unicorn Cake!!  I mean, really?  What could be better than a freaking unicorn cake?  A *VEGAN* Unicorn Cake!!  Yep, that's right; this cake is vegan friendly.

The only problem I have with this recipe is you don't use a portion of the called for square cake.  Somewhere I would need to find a use for some random pieces of cake.  Or, maybe, I could just eat them.  **Looks around**  What leftover cake pieces?  -smile-

Find the recipe here.

Tonight, I am practicing with my LED hoop for my performance.  I actually have part of the day off tomorrow (yay!!), so I plan on dedicating a large part of my afternoon to trying to complete my costume for the performance.  It will officially be the first ever complete outfit I designed.  **Stoked**  Pics to come soon!!

Hopefully I can record some of my practice tonight so I can post a new hoop video.  I have been so damn busy lately, I haven't posted a vid in months.  I suspect, however, that I will have a little bit more time after next week because I am training someone to do my job most days of the week at one job, and at the other, we have hired a few new people so I can only dream that I end up getting a few days off on the regular.  Really need some time to dedicate to developing my hoop class curriculum and also just spending some time doing some internalized investigation.  Hey, atleast I get to go to my yoga class tomorrow!!

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  1. What a cute cake?!! Wow I want to see your outfit. And video if you get to record any of your practice. I know I haven't made a hoop video for some time either, actually I haven't hooped much either I guess, been so busy with all new projects I got here in Finland -- crafts wise and so on. Oh I checked the recipe for the cake, it looks complicated! Kudos to you if you make the unicorn happen! I would probably eat all the pieces in frustration or something :P