Blog Neglect

So, I noticed that I hadn't blog in a month today.  There has been a lot going on with me lately, good and bad.  Work has kept me busy and exhausted, while personal problems have left me vegging out on the couch, drowning my sorrows with frozen yogurt and coconut milk ice cream.

I hope to be fixing some things in my life that I feel are not supporting and nurturing my growth, ultimately making my life happier and more fulfilling.  There are going to be a lot of changes, hardships, tough times, and new opportunities coming in the next month, possibly leaving less time than I have even had lately for blogging.

So for now, I plan to take a slight temporary hiatus from blogging, picking it back up when I have adventures and loveliness to share with you.  Please send me all of your amazing, positive energies, because, well, I need all that I can get.  I apologize, dear readers, for neglecting you the past month.  I promise if you stick with me, it WILL be worth it. 

Until then, peace, love, and happiness to you all.

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