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I am finally getting settled into our new place, finding our some-how accumulated crap a home.  It was definately a chore to get everything situated.  It is completely amazing how much you can aquire over a year.  The place is nice, though we have had a few problems here and there (living without water for three days sucks!!). 

Over the weekend, my boyfriend made us a big table to put in our craft room.  That means I can now start to work on those projects that I have been dying to resume on my sewing machine!!  I also have some goodies I am working on for my shoppe, which include some awesome gypsy hair accessories.  Yay.  I wil post a pic of the ones I am making for myself soon.

I am still in the works of trying to get some stuff started with hooping.  I have been dealing with some personal issues lately and have thus made me somewhat slacking on doing anything.  The hoop jam is still on, though no one has really gotten back to me.  I only invited friends out for this one and am in the planning stages of creating a nice flyer to disperse for the upcoming jam in March.  It is kind of hard living in such a small place and not having very many friends (a result of a small town where there is nothing to do, meaning it is VERY hard to meet people and make friends).  This was one reason I wanted to get something started with hooping, in the hopes I could not only give myself a place and opportunity to meet people, but also present the same for others.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for it all to fall into place.

Tomorrow (or well late, late tonight for us Alaskans) is a Full Moon.  This February Full Moon's focus is for advancements and personal achievements; sounds like exactly what I need.  Not only is the Full Moon pulling my way in this aspect, but opening in Leo, this gives it extra oomph for the ushering in of new desires and adventures.  With all this Lunar alignment, our sun entering into Pisces (a time of release and guidence), and the start of the Celtic Ash month (time to for action and manifesting change), it seems like a perfect night to do a dedicated hoop Moon practice.  I really need all this positive energy the Universe is feeding out to all of us tonight/early tomorrow.  It is literally FREEZING outside (single digits), but supposed to be clear, so I have to woman up and go outside tonight for a sesh under the Full beautiful Luna, atleast for the beginning.  I am going to infuse my practice with this intention of changing my life to start creating one I am blissfully happy in (which I am very close to, mind you). 

Another "happy-go-lucky-insert-personal-name-for-fate-here" act has landed me a second job!!  After the move to the new shindig, I had been looking for a supplement job to give me some extra spending cash (hello vacation and yoga teacher training fund) and to also help pay more into our doubled bills.  I have been sending out resumes to all of the locally owned restaurants around town (no big business for me; sorry Chili's and Red Robin) and no one is hiring.  I understand, it's freaking winter.  So anyways, I wanted to go to this awesome restaurant I had heard about for my birthday that have a lot of local, organic, seasonal, and made-from-scratch food.  With the move, extra expenses to buy needed stuff, and the like, I didn't feel right on spending a quite bit of money on dinner instead of buying things we needed for the house (like baking supplies, hell-oo).  So we skipped out.

Well Bill asked me last week if I wanted to go to this place for Vday, which we usually don't do anything for to go against the brain washing of the country during this time (oh, if you love her, you'll spend your entire pay check on some diamonds some poor 8 year old kid dug out of a crummy and dangerous mine somewhere).  But, I couldn't resist going to this place so I agreed.  Well, funny thing, his mom sent us a gift card to this fancy smancy place down in Anchorage that has the best food and we thought "what the hay- let's cancel our reservation and try to go to this place."  I called gift-card restaurant and they were full.  So we went with going out to the original place.

So we get there and lo and behold a much needed sign from the Universe was staring myself in the face at the door:  "Server Position Available."  Well, I be damned.  The whole time during our Vday dinner, I am talking about trying to get a job at this place.  I am sure Bill was annoyed (well, I know he was when he told me to stop talking about it LOL).  Anyway, to make a short story long, I turned in a resume that night (had extras in my car from all the job searching), made the follow-up call the next day, had an interview yesterday, and got the job!!  I was so happy, considering the place is right in line with my values being an environmentally aware establishment and all.  I am meeting with the scheduler sometime in the next few days to figure out my training.  Hopefully, this will work out.  It is only part time for the current until business picks up in the spring, which is PERFECT because I still get to keep my doggies at the daycare (which BTW I have an awesomely cute video I am going to share in an upcoming post to show everyone a few minutes of what it is like at my job).  So send me those much neede postive vibes out there.

This weekend, along with much needed stuff I am avoiding (taxes, PFDs, cleaning), Iron Dog is going on up in Big Lake and we are planning on making an appearence for.  It's supposedly a big thing, so hopefully it will be fun.  I am taking the hoop in hopes of running into some other hoopers, though I am sure it is going to be freezing, therefore making it somewhat hard to do anything in a million layers of clothing.  I am taking the camera, so maybe I will have some pics to post next week if I don't bum out (which is possible haha).

Well happy Full Moon to you all and until next time...

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  1. Congrats on the new job! Sounds like a perfect fit :)